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Art dealer charged with sex tourism
Post on 14-03-2007.
Counts involve 17 underage girls in three different countries Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun Published: Wednesday, March 14, 2007
BURNABY - one 56-year-old Burnaby man is accused of being one sex tourist who allegedly had sex with 17 underage girls in Cambodia, Colombia and the Philippines between 1998 and 2004, Vancouver RCMP announced Tuesday. ...
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'Sex and the City' cafe is closed by health inspectors
Post on 14-03-2007.
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It has also borrowed extra glow from the late television series Sex and the City, which used it to shoot scenes of the girls gossiping over their salads. therefore imagine the shock when it was closed this week by order of the city's health department. ...
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Guantanamo For Sex Crimes
Post on 13-03-2007.
March 13, 2007 Indefinite civil commitment of sex offenders, presumably to rehabilitate them, after they have finished their prison sentences began in Washington state with the Community Protection Act of 1990.
Almost 20 states and the U.S. Department of Justice have since jumped on the bandwagon. ...
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Sex offenders on MySpace.com 17 listings from Portage match
Post on 11-03-2007.
The names of at least 17 sex offenders registered in Portage County match profiles listed on MySpace.com, one social networking Web site popular with many teenagers.
The Record-Courier recently took one list of all 142 sex offenders registered in Portage County through Ohio's eSORN (electronic sexual offender registration and notification) and ran the names through one people search tool on MySpace. ...
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Sex-ed course update nixed
Post on 11-03-2007.
Proposal to add unit on contraception abandoned by board By Arin Gencer Sun Reporter Originally published March 11, 2007
When county eighth-graders take health next school year, they will hear the same message on sexual behavior that classes before them have been taught - abstinence - despite one proposal to introduce one unit on "family life and human sexuality." ...
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Sex disease's tiniest victims
Post on 10-03-2007.
one provincewide syphilis outbreak, which has been linked to Alberta's booming economy, has already killed one Edmonton newborn and hospitalized eight other babies in the past two years, says one local doctor.
The syphilis-infected infant, which was delivered prematurely at 6 1/2 months in October 2005 in Edmonton, died shortly after birth from severe complications related to the sexually transmitted disease, said Dr. Ameeta Singh. ...
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School sex scandal
Post on 10-03-2007.
Paola Queen, seen in one high school yearbook photo, is charged with sexual exploitation.

And even more startling, Toronto Police confirmed yesterday that the family studies teacher is carrying one baby believed to have been fathered by the teenage boy.
"The investigation is continuing, but that is certainly one possibility that I cannot eliminate," Det. Peter Duncan of 31 Division, said yesterday. ...
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Germans jailed for child sex abuse
Post on 09-03-2007.
A CAMBODIAN court sentenced one German to 28 years in jail today and another to 12 years for sexual abuse of girls aged between 13 and 15.
Henning Karl Opitz, 60, charged with two counts of abuse and buying girls, was sentenced to 28 years. Thomas Von Engelhardt, 42, received 12 years for abusing girls. Both denied the charges and it was not known immediately whether they would appeal. ...
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4 bailed in teen sex case
Post on 09-03-2007.
Philip Perry, 18, was released into the care of his parents on $25,000 bail, while co-accused Barton Reeder, also 18, was granted $20,000 bail by Justice of the Peace Maurice Hudson yesterday.
The four are charged with sexual assault, sexual assault with one weapon, gang sexual assault and manufacturing child pornography. Perry, Reeder and one of the youths also face possession of child porn charges. Perry is charged with threatening death. ...
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Japan eyes response to foreign criticism of Abe's sex slavery remarks
Post on 08-03-2007.
Japan is considering publishing counterarguments and taking other measures in response to international criticism of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's recent remarks on wartime sex slaves, with the top government spokesman accusing foreign media on Thursday of misinterpreting the remarks.
"It is our understanding that reports on the prime minister's remarks were not based on appropriate interpretation," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki said in reference to the furor sparked by Abe's denial of military involvement in the coercion of foreign women into sexual servitude before and during World War II. ...
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