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Anal Sex -> Anal Sex and AIDS

 The vast majority of men are fond and profoundly of anal sex, and so are the women has long time coming. There canít be precisely established whether such taste would receive scientific backing. But a manís sexual fantasy would tell a great deal about such need.  Therein a lot of convictions lie, once eight out of ten men if asked would tell that already done it or bear the desire in mind. This kind of sexual fantasy on anal sex could be responsible for high levels of arousal and self-indulgence.
 Permeate the male mind in quest for anal sex certain fantasies, whether straight or else, there could be cited-
 Thriving on a relation with a downright animal streak regarding sexiness, in a kind of mating analogy of the beasts, it too could lead into some powerful erotic threading.
 Every single hint of arousal thatís induced by active role sex, wherein the man penetrates a partner, rendering someone passive by being subjected to his ďwillĒ, to his sexual power.
In being tighter the anus would bear and allow a man further grip on his penis, heightening the feeling.
 Self-awareness is needed in any kind of sexual pursue, as individuals there would be flaws. Take hemorrhoids for instance, would scare someone off the job perhaps. Relying on spicy food shouldnít be the chosen one then.
 Some people are bound to develop certain conditions, which could be triggered or even worsen with no anal sex attempt whatsoever. It comes to show the reason why working on personal traits is needed when coming to terms with what can and canít be done in terms of sex. 
 Moreover, let us take in consideration the fact that most women bowed to anal sex unwillingly, just so to please their partners or by sheer imposition of the relationship. Itís imperative that the woman ditch anal sex right from the moment that the slightest hint of distress strikes no matter whom comes along. If your partner really loves and holds respect, he would understand and abide to the decision of a partner. Just bring it out frankly. 
 Those who play the passive role however, wonít display any anus shape related drawback. Thus, would favor it some aspects like good lube, slow pace sex (neither traumatic nor violent), copiously lust that aides loosing up the anus and rectum, and being naturally gifted.
 On top of that, thereíd be those in for the inflammation of the anus veins (namely hemorrhoids) and because of that, down the line, would find difficult to retain the feces (the so-called fecal incontinency).
 There are gel like products made available, which would work as lubes and anesthetics. Some even yield some heat-like sensation, exactly so to enable relaxation around the perimeter, increase vascularization and ensure penetration without traumatizing the tissue. All of which sold at sex shops. 
 Anal sex stands for one of the major culprits for the HIV spreading. So no matter if two men, a man and a woman or only two women got together, extra care must be taken at all times. Nothing too strenuous that would break the skin and enable bodily fluids to come in contact and /or internal cuts in the anus, given the anusí bacterial flora meant for decomposition an outbreak could ensue. Thereby, a window could be left for opportunistic diseases to take hold in, alas AIDS.
 In case of both being carriersí their strands could sip in and match each other, causing cross-infection thereof. As a result, a strand of virus thatís more aggressive could infect the other, bringing upon replication and drug resistance concomitantly.

Adriana Sommer

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