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Anal Sex -> Anal Sex Tips

Anal sex is a common practice among both homosexual and heterosexual couples. Although being often viewed as a sexual practice that only men would really enjoy, some women report actually being able to reach very powerful orgasms during anal sex. The anus has many nerve endings that make stimulation very pleasurable, and although some women are able to reach orgasm without any further stimulation, some also report that anal sex when combined with other type of manual stimulation (clitoral or vaginal) to be incredibly pleasurable. Anal sex is also one of the common practices used for young couples who want to preserve the womanís virginity, since anal sex can be highly pleasurable without vaginal penetration.

However, anal sex may be a very risky sexual practice if the right measures are not taken. If thereís already high risk of contracting any sexually transmitted disease in some practices, anal sex presents an even bigger risk. The main factors that make anal sex very dangerous if performed without protection follows suit:
- One of the main functions of the rectum is to absorb fluids, so the semen ejaculated inside a personís body during anal sex will be quickly an easily absorbed, facilitating the contact with some agent.
- The anus doesnít produce its own lubrication unlikely the vagina, so anal sex is at the same time more prone to suffer little cuts and injuries and to damage condoms, both being crucial situations to the entrance of some pathogenic.

Specialists recommend that anal sex should only be performed used condoms and plenty of lube, which makes anal sex also more comfortable and sometimes more pleasurable. Itís also cornerstone that should the penis never be inserted again in the vagina post anal sex without being washed or the condom changing first. Anal sex can sip dangerous bacteria into the vagina, causing severe infections.



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