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Anal Sex

Anal sex means sexual intercourse involving the anus. Broadly, anal sex is distinguished from anal stimulation. Some people consider anal sex strictly as sexual intercourse with anal penetration by the penis. In this case, penetration could be either done by heterosexual couples or by homosexual couples.
However, there are many other ways of anal penetration that may be deemed anal sex or not. The insertion of the finger, hand or a sex toy (dildo, butt plug or vibrator) is not considered by some people as a traditional way of anal sex.† Other way of anal sex stimulation is the analingus. It is the anal stimulation with the tongue, a form of oral sex as well.
Either anal sex or anal stimulation, the thing is that the sexual intercourse involving the human anus is actually common practice. According to research from the University of British Columbia (quoted in the may 5, 2005 issue of The Georgia Straight) between 30 and 50% of all heterosexuals had already practiced anal sex.
Registers from anal sex can be founded in literature as well as in some artistic painting and drawings, showing that in some ancient cultures, the anal sex could be even more tolerated than it is today.
In Greece, anal sex was probably very common practice during a period. Anal sex was even called by the name of Greek sex later, as a sort of slang.
In the western culture however anal sex progressively became sex taboo. More associated with homosexual practices, then anal sex became part of a underground culture.
Anyway, the anal sex is part of the human behavior. It is a fetish for many people, either men or women.
The menís anal sex pleasure could come from a fetish or from the physical appealing of the tighter penetration.†††††



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