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Aphrodisiacs and Sexual Enhancers -> History of Aphrodisiacs

History of Sexual Enhancers

 The name aphrodisiac stems from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and beauty. Word has it, the god Cronus (Saturn for the latine) slain his own father, Uranus, tossing his nuts out at sea. And then, turned into foamy of whose Aphrodite would have spawned, alas Venus by the Roman mythology.
 Considered initially the fertility goddess becomes later the epitome of love, if you will. There’d be worshiped under several names, from bodying forth the pristine and ideal love to outlandish sexual impulse.
 Down the line people from all walks of life seemed concerned by the decline of the sexual performance in detriment to ageing.
 They always sought after such bore of youth by all elements in nature, capable of bringing the stamina back out and so too the sexual input.
 Such compounds are known as aphrodisiacs, which stand for substances employed in aims of heightening sex drive and the degree of fitness to keep up with sexual demand.
 In the Old Testament, for example, described that Rachel helped herself from the mandragora herbal for pregnancy improvement purposes. The ancient Hebrew would swear by the sap power of its roots and shrubs in that heightening sexual response and ensured childbearing.
 Namely scientifically as Mandrogor Officiarum, the mandragora belongs to the Solaneceae family, which comprises another species like the potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, green peppers and several kinds of capsicums. .
 Within its active agents the atropine and scopolamine come to the fore. They find great use by the drug industry, but not so much in the sense of properties sexually prone.
 The atropine comes employed as pain killer and suppressant for both the digestive and respiratory secretions.
 The scopolamine displays response ultimately likewise the atropine, despite playing upon the CNS. Whereas atropine in high dosage, promotes nervousness, anxiety built up and, even, delirious and hallucinations, the scopolamine acts out as suppressant, promoting fatigue and sleepiness.
 Only scientifically though was possibly grounded that its roots` extracts can induce sleep.
 Still, in case there was ever any aphrodisiac rebound claimed for this plant, it would spin off from approach otherwise. 
In other words, the man would enjoy himself some well-numbed sex-partner upon its detrimental threshold. 
 This way she’d be rendered more docile as submissive.
 The belief dwelling on herbal aphrodisiac properties did not reach beyond its framework, in that resembling of a hardon penis.  Accordingly the human imaginary, its medicinal properties conveyed the outward and its resemblance of the humanly sexual department. Therein, the whole universe of symbolisms lingering nature aspects and their practicalities lie in the most varied cultures.
 Only a handful of such compounds employed as aphrodisiacs promote heighten sexual drive effectively.
 Everything else seems driven by self-suggestion. As in, whoever gets into it grows self-convinced that actually sensed the powers that be. These lout can’t snap out of the fact that better than any tampering makeshift, they might bear some knack likely to induce more profound sexual input, in that the imagination and creativity.

Jonatas Dornelles

History of Aphrodisiacs Sexual Enhancement Herbs Recreational Drugs and Sexuality

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