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Male G-Spot -> Male GSpot and Anal Sex

 Everybody heard of the male g-spot, embedded in the prostrate, which lies beneath the bladder and behind the testicles. When a man is in the right mood for sex, a muscle called puboccigeos (a muscle linked to the pubis thus encapsulating organs such as bladder and rectum, supporting them) aka “the love muscle”, goes up against the prostrate. Such pressure onto the prostrate is what the sensation responsible for sexual indulgence would feel like.
 So far so good, once the male g-spot could be stricken by simply approaching that bit which lies within the testicles and the anus, upon which sexual indulgence would be ensured anyhow.
Yet for even higher pleasure for him, the ideal would be to reach out for it from within, in that, inserting a finger or more in his anus.
 Fare enough that most gay men enjoy the feeling from being penetrated. The other’s penis nudges onto the g-spot itself, rendering sex utterly satisfactory. One doesn’t have to be homosexual in order to allow his missus getting around his ass. A major issue and even prejudice, which detour many men from giving it a go comes latched precisely on that, to the fact that only gay men would derive pleasure out of anal sex. 
Conversely, anal sex is meant to be good for straight men as well. And it too doesn’t mean to be homosexual or that a man has gone”’the other way”. Otherwise, it’s another way to get their indulgence heighten farther. Just like women feel pleased while having their anus played, incidentally because their g-spot also can be better reached that way, the men could get their anus penetrated and not quit being men.
 No wonders that a penis shoveled all in might mean something entirely different, henceforth this piece sheds light on the insertion of fingers yet the mouth and hands approached in the male anus. To let his female approached this area remains unacceptable to man, thus many women wouldn’t even hint the possibility of bringing it across in fear of being misunderstood. And the men wouldn’t ask either, inbeing afraid of their females having second thoughts towards their sexuality.
 None of it is true. Men can let their anus being played, probed, and licked that they won’t have to swap their sexual orientation. It’s more of a cultural question than anything else and lingers to the fact that homosexuals can derive pleasure in anal penetration. This is so because as far as gay couples go, anal sex comes across as the only mode a couple could have sexual intercourse.
 This question is highly controversial and a lot can be talked about it. But all that can be said in short is that, allowing being played in there cannot override someone’s sexual orientation. Its misuse to say that a man who lets that taken place would be homosexual. He might as well be just spicing it up along with his partner, just another silly sex games. Then, by the way, would score much more out of this game.

Anne Griza

Male GSpot and Anal Sex G-Spot and Sex  

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