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All About Orgasms -> Multiple Orgasms

To both sexes, a spree of sexual response means the embodiment of a peculiar string of events. Arousal is heightened and leads to climax. In men physiological rebounds are erection and ejaculation both. In women are vasoconstriction-lubrication and orgasm. Whatís if the women get to experience many orgasms in a row?
The phase of genital constriction-lubrication in the woman stands for, in terms of physiology, the erection in man. Also the orgasmic reflex is analogue in both sexes. The discrepancy is that the woman doesnít ejaculate. Notwithstanding, the female orgasm follows the same pathway.  On top of that, manifests itself by a similar response to the ejaculation spree.
In man, the orgasm is induced by the fretting of both the gland and foreskin paced up. And so does the woman reach orgasm by stimulating on the clitoris.
Thus in man, triggers orgasm a wave of rhythmic contractions of those muscles located in the base of the penis and perineum (the surrounding area of the sexual organs and anus). The orgasmic response in woman also involves contraction of such muscles.
Normally, the men would undergo a refractory stint post climax and shooting. Thatís to say, being rendered unable to experience another orgasm and ejaculation within the same sexual threshold.
As for the women, so long as properly aroused, become capable of having new orgasms onwards any point past resolution (the last in sexual cycle, arousal, plateau, orgasm and resolution). Such tendency becomes even more apparent if sexual arousal is kept on going.
Thus multiple orgasms donít differ physiologically, in any aspect of significance, from a single one, except in their multiplicity. And yet, remain far from sidekicks. 
Those multiple orgasms would more easily occur during clitoral stimulation, rather than upon vaginal penetration.  Itís all to do, apparently, with the fact that only a few men seem capable of keeping a hardon long enough to induce their partners to get multiple orgasms. However possible it may seem.
Any orgasm feels physiologically much the same, but could be felt in a somewhat different way.  A discreet sexual climax comes in general followed by three up to five shudders, otherwise; it could be much stronger though, and come out followed by eight of so-shudders if not more. At the spring of orgasm a flashy black out is likely to occur, namely suspension or switching off.  Followed afterwards by some heightened clitoral response, meanwhile spreads upwards into the pelvic area. At this moment, some women would come to experience a certain sensation of discharge. Others might feel as though got themselves sprawled out for having all in.
The second phase comes linked to sprees of hotflash. By initially taken over the pelvic area, and then spreading throughout the body. In the last stage, the woman is in for a wave of contractions by the vagina or perineal surroundings.
From the sensorial standpoint, the orgasm carries out some experience likely to vary from woman to woman. At times it feels like a soothing spree, in which the body gets entirely overtaken by sexed up sensations. As far as many women concern, it would encompass a heightened moment, of total detachment. For others, gets to the extent of becoming somewhat awkwardly, coupled with jerky movements and piercing utters.

Jonatas Dornelles

Sexual Climax and Male Multiple Orgasms Multiple Orgasms Women Orgasms
Clitoral vs Vaginal Orgasm I Clitoral vs Vaginal Orgasm II Myths about Orgasms
Clitoris's Secrets   

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