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All About Orgasms -> Myths about Orgasms

According to update supplied by the international research agencies, only twenty five percent of the worldwide female population reaches only one orgasm in a lifetime. Such figure might seem awkward somewhat, but though itĎs real. What could be made of it is that most women fake having orgasm during most of their sexual relations, given that sexual freedom has entitled them to thrive on such thrill.
Having an orgasm is something to be learnt, and wonít take place over night. For a long time, the women couldnít induce pleasure during sexual intercourse, so-repressed to the extent of addressing themselves to their partners as subservient to some omnibus, Mr. knows all. Having sex would be in the dark, when the man so-wished, no matter if the woman agreed or not. Pleasure in itself was meant for the pros, which they used to employ into entertainment and pleasure of the men themselves.
In the last century, however, had the sexual revolution taken place, fact as such that changed the frame of mind and the act of most women. They began to push forward into the job market, sharing domestic chores and yet demanding the rights for indulging themselves while having sex. 
Despite orgasm canít strike without her being in good terms with herself.  She would have to acknowledge herself, fine tuning with her bodily functions, her senses and feelings in that mastering how to deal with all the commitment with her own sexuality.  It took her toppling over centuries in a row of repressions and stained imagery towards female sexuality.
It translates itself into deep insecurity, to date, surrounding what meant the sex act and how to strike it. Feeling part of a sexual relation as a vector of the rapport means worlds apart from letting the other taking the lead, from head to tail.
Now sex means trade off, and depending on how the woman deals with it, she may or may not switch.
The woman must be in good terms with herself and on top of her deeds by and large, so that she would be able to let herself go not holding anything back. Any given change in routine could trigger uneasiness, much as happens to the men. Any affective relation that faces upheavals bears in it reason enough for messing up with orgasm, financial hiccups, housing concerns, health wise problems or anything likely to get in the way of sexual fun.
Yet, great many women hardly know their own bodies and what is most suitable for them when it comes to sex. Most of them donít masturbate as to unveil their sensitive prone spots, and others barely make up of orgasm means, let alone how it reflects upon the body while having sex.
In brief, it comes as no surprise that still today; many women seemed unable to reach orgasm. They simply fake pleasure which they might have ever felt before or either reached in a bygone era. To know oneself, your own body and so-feelings seems the key for fulfilling such a fruitful sexual life.
Even though orgasm absent, pleasure within sex itself stands for valuable asset towards a well-balanced relationship along with the other and with yourself. Seeking orgasm in all its guises could mess up with any sexual relation and affective rapport. Once there would be much frustration other than let sex itself taken its course.  Hence, we can get the most out of it, instead of only the aftermath. 
Anne Griza

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