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Safer Sex

Unprotected sex is still usual in society

In spite of all the programs and campaigns to prevent Aids and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), many people don’t listen to none of these appellations at all and carry on with a bad sexual behavior, so doing by having sex without condom wearing, ejaculating in the partner’s mouth, vagina or anus and a batch of other unprotected and risky acts that can bring many infections upon the individual.

A person can have many bad influences that teach how to follow this wrong sexual behavior. Many erotic and pornographic movies, for example, say proudly that none of their professional actors use condoms during sexual intercourse. To aggravate the situation, these films, too often, finish a scene with the man cumming on the women’s face and mouth. Then the woman, inevitably, swallows all the sperm, which can contain viruses’ strains of some such incurable STDs.

The oral sex practice without protection is, unfortunately, something common between normal people. Even if they use a condom for other types of sex, a great number of individuals forget it in the time of the oral sex. They think that the sicknesses can’t affect them by cunnilingus or blow job. The STDs really are more dangerous for anal sex, but it doesn’t mean that contacting saliva with sexual fluids won’t infect a person. There isn’t enough grounds on which prove the transmission of HIV through oral sex, although other diseases can affect people by such practice, namely gonorrhea of the throat.

Other practice, most known as ATM – Ass to Mouth or rimming – is very complicated. Many people do it without a condom, or use the same condom for the anus and the mouth. It can cause many infections, due to the high presence of microbes in the anal region, which can be passed to the mouth or to the vagina – if the penetration after anal sex is done there. For these reasons, people need obligatorily to use condoms and use a new one after the anal sex. To increase the oral sex, they can use flavored condoms. A conscious sexual act can save many lives.

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