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Sex & Menopause -> Sex & Menopause II

Sex and Menopause, Part 2

Furthermore, alternative routes established by the couple could make ends meet in sexual rapport. If penetration becomes troublesome, they could opt out for caressing exchange and mutual masturbation in their best interest. All done in due time, the point is, in cases as such, it’s the women who shouldn’t give in sexual relation altogether, if she so-whished to keep up with it.
Panic syndromes and the like can be treated by therapeutic follow up hence its eradication likelihood along with menopause. It’s paramount to treat this kind of symptom so that the woman would be able to keep up good standards of living.

It goes without saying that, if menopause for the woman takes place around her fifties or thereabouts, she still gets about thirty or so years to live up for in a timeline.

Menopause does not imply in ceasing the woman’s fostered desires or sex willingly any longer, she simply doesn’t ovulate anymore.

Thus libido, sexual desire bound to remain, at times hidden behind some kinda hang-ups and physical strain, even though those able-bodied women tend to remain capable of healthy sex sprees even healthier than ever.

Still not much literature available on sexuality of the elder regards, mostly when it comes to those post menopause women.

For such long time, women had have decreed their sexual life past this stage, all of which do so with some cultural reason if not religious (sex means good in procreation), other than desire and affectivity matters alike.

Certain women would employ menopause as a smokescreen while dodging sexual intercourse. Those ones might’ve endured a lifestyle of engaging in sex games by feeling obliged to please someone else’s, and so because of their reproductive functioning hampered, tend to justify the absence in post-menopause sexual activity.

Current, a great many women aged fifty-something leading sexually active a life, be it with a steady partner or eventual game. It’s commendable to address that menopause stands only for the end of menstruation cycle, other than acquaintance workshop on the end of life as we know it. Sexual activity means quality of life due to the host of positive features within it, as upkeep for the woman’s fitness, primarily psychologically, thereof ageing with more tranquility.

Ceased ovulation left doors wide open for a brand new phase in the woman’s life. Some, gone past menopause, begin enjoying improved quality sex wise. This is so because of their carefree stance regarding unwanted pregnancy yet most of them would’ve reached by then affective and rapport seasoning so far.

Yet concerns regarding kids and work tend to grow thin, bringing more tranquility into the lifestyle of each and every one of them rather a sense of easiness while at relaxation and of having sexual intercourse.
Remained fantasy as a key element in sex times and on top of that, with the decrease in percentage of fat tissue surrounding the vulva, enables the woman even stronger orgasms induced, since the surrounding area would become highly touch sensitive.

Thus maturity brings along all sorts of benefits, on which point far from the end of the sexual age, but a fresh restart. A gloom of revaluation for the woman with herself and her own body, and of her desires, affairs, and so too her demands for affection.

Anne Griza

Sex & Menopause II   

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