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Sex & Menopause

Sex and Menopause Part 1

Climacteric stands for the time in a woman’s sexual life which the reproductive capacity ceases functioning, epitomized in the menstrual cycle end. Certain symptoms of this phase seemingly quite well known, such as the so-called “hot flashes” felt by some women. Thus, disrupted pattern in menstrual-flow, side effects on the urethra and the genitals, mood swings, decrease in sexual desire, cardiopulmonary concerns and osteoporoses. All of which would be related to a drop in the estrogen level rather likely striking women in this stage of life.

The loss of sexual desire could be related to vaginal dryness somewhat, provoked by the decrease in hormonal concentration rates, as well as ongoing mood-swings.

The lower concentration of estrogen in the woman’s system could render her breasts rather saggy. Further shed of genital tissue from the vagina, which is shorten in length thus lowered in diameter ratio. Hence its walls begin to loose thickness and elasticity, producing so less lubricant while at sexual intercourse. These flaws could induce a certain discomfort when it comes to having sex, rendering the women rather standoffish toward their husbands.

Any disruption in mood pattern might leave women feeling rather withdrawn, so unwillingly to trade off affection with their partners, as all worked up, edgy, in the midst of other symptoms likely to leave very little desire in install if none for keeping up with sexual affairs. Therein self-explanative lies ongoing emotional rebound perhaps in the lower estrogen body workup, and so did social backwash on which point latched on the bandwagon of the female menopause.

There and then the woman did realize being getting old. There would conjure up the first sign of the ageing process by most women so-tooted. And so do some women might gear up themselves into reviewing their outlook on most things in life. Should backtracking ever get started these women in particular would tend to regret over some unattained opportunity which could remain unfulfilled along the way accomplishment wise, making them feel as if trapped in a worn-out relationship, or even a failure in raising the so-wished family, truly in for emotional turmoil.

Yet a drop in libido exists within any given downcast spree, carried out by feelings like misfit, outcast, and solace, amongst others.

Those awful moody sprees If placed alongside the decreasingly rate in hormonal concentration, there should suffice to get someone’s back up as to why eagerness seemingly lagging behind when it comes to sex time. It’s a string of events unlikely to strike every woman in climacteric.

Otherwise some might be able to get away with it and so too their sexual life remains unaltered.

As for those who seemingly living up such symptoms annoyed enough from the lack of sex, there could be alternatives sought for sorting it out.

A certain diminishingly vaginal lubrication could be dealt with hormonal replacement therapy to single one out. Remain therein hormonal replacement therapy as highly arguable hence the strong likelihood of the woman developing breast cancer.

A serious conversation with the doctor would shed light on the treatment followed suit, which, for all that, remaining as the mainstay when dealing with symptoms of menopause. Even those women who didn’t get a single drawback throughout climacteric threshold might undergo preemptive examinations, given the low estrogen rate linking to the raise in ratings of women with breast cancer during this phase.
Within treatment or elsewhere in case of choosing to skip hormonal replacement, the women could rely on widely available water-based lubricants.

This variety of lubrication neither arousal nor climax disrupting, promoted solely soothe get induced in nearly any hint felt by the women of discomfort or distress.

Anne Griza

Sex & Menopause II   

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