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Sex Articles -> Sex Addiction

Thereís ways and thereís ways for living up our sexuality. The prime aims to reaching orgasm and the latter pleasure inducement.
Many out there believe that sex would have to do with the goal of inducing orgasm, and thatís about it. Do you agree on it that this may only impoverish sex itself? And there might be other routes for having it thatís pleasure ridden as well. 
By all means reaching climax is very good, gratifying, wonderful, and I wouldnít dare saying otherwise, only whished to highlight that people should not read so much into it, rather than enjoying sex and their sexuality by placing more emphasis on self-indulgence.
You may get it started by getting off your arse, ditching misconceived ideas, in other words,
Never let your thing become some elseís business. Avoid being passive. The good sex is that which we can make it happen. Take the lead and be bold, let yourself go, let it all hang out, let your hair hang out, get about all that you ever fancied doing, whichever feels good give it a try. Itís too much of a good thing and youíre letting yourself in for.
Donít you ever let boredom take hold on your lifestyle; it would wear out your passion. Learn new acrobatics, try out new titbits, and speak up during sex play, so that the other can get to know how much youíre beside yourself, dress up a bit, and maybe toy aided spice up your routine.
Itís got nothing to do with doing something outrageous, however far from doing the same thing on every Saturday night.
In their majority, women would require self-stimulation, or get there manually aided. By and large, self-play would be kept within foreplay, prior to sex as it were, the one with penetration if you will.
Our sexuality doesnít for penetration alone. Nothing would stop us from touching ourselves, meanwhile having it off with one another, maybe even masturbate together. Possibilities are innumerous, only takes imagination.
Donít believe in half of what is seen on the pictures. Therein, comes embedded in editorís cuts, lightning tricks and treacherous make up, which could render a bland couple into real sex symbols. Fantasies are great if not essential but building up big expectations, just enjoy sex and self-indulgence, never mind the rest of it.
A line of communication means cornerstone when both striking even. Thereís nothing like listening the sounds of pleasure while receiving and giving it. 
Thereís the exact moment to talk about sex, that is, in its aftermath. Never bring it up when having a go at each other or falling out. So take your time after sex, to tell him what you most liked; would work out as a hint on the next round up, surely, heíd love it.
Take pride in looking at yourself in the mirror, and seek to rediscover your sex prone spots and never mind if there werenít any, since every one of us have something else to show. What happens is that sometimes we become a bit shortsighted, as a result of a hectic lifestyle.
You ought to come to terms with your own physical endowments, before making love get to strip off in front of the mirror. Begin by tuning the body and soul in altogether. Take pride in being yourself.
You should never be ashamed of your sexual fantasies, neither fancies nor desires. You may share your thoughts with the one by your side, so much for keeping to yourself and taken the joy of living at large.
Your choice, but the rule is feeling good, forever.
Take good care of yourself, go by safe sex always, let yourself go in bed, or wherever your fantasy drives you.
Just enjoy sex within joy and bliss.

Adriana Sommer da Costa

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