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Spit up three times on a frogís mouth, to take castor oil and/or eat its seeds, to sip on a camelís gobbled concoction, holding on a lucky-charm made of a Lioness womb, and, pull out from sexual intercourse prior ejaculation. In efforts to dissociate ultimate sexual pleasure from the high stakes of pregnancy, maternity and paternity, all of these exotic practices had already headed the popular repertoire in antiquity.

Thus contraceptives are mechanic devices or chemical substances destined to impede the act of conception. In a nut shell, itís the ovule fecundation by the spermatozoid. So then, what is it like? The mechanical means most widespread employed are the diaphragm and the preservative-latex made a.k.a. condom. The diaphragm is a metal capsule, rubber or plastic, applicable to the cervix of the uterus likewise a tighten lid. As it obstructs the uterine entranceís duct, the diaphragm impedes penetration from spermatozoids. Itís definitely not the safest resort, by two reasons.

First because not always provides perfect seal-although they should be chosen by measurement, taken by a gynecologist. And yet, it may allow the entrance of remnant spermatozoids, when retrieved for cleansing purposes-the spermatozoids might be able to survive up until 48 hr or so in the ďseminal poolĒ, which is a bend-like on the vaginaís top end.

The preservative obeys the same principle of preventing contact between the spermatozoid and the ovule, by mechanical obstruction. As the latex insulates the whole penis, the ejaculated semen gets kept within it. Shortly after sexual relation, when time comes to take the condom off of the penis, itís better to grip on its rim in order to avoid leakage. The pitfall on the preservative, in terms of efficacy, itís that its wall must be thin and remain well stretched out, so as to not affect the sensibility of the male sexual organ. Hence reduces withstand capability and subjects the preservative to ruptures.

A third mechanic resort is the so-called intra-uterine device otherwise known as IUD. Herein, the principle is not obstruction. The IUDís permanent presence inside the uterus saps from the endometrium-its internal linen, the conditions necessary for the fecund ovule to lodge itself in.

From impeding imbedding other than fecundation, the IUD is considered a micro-abortive. Technically speaking, so far, illegal it would be. Certain doctors, under allegations of ethic coherence, might refuse to apply it on their patients, by the very same reason still. In efficacy terms, however, the IUD looses only for the pill.

As some mechanical contraceptive devices are of little efficacy, itís usual that some couples make use of them altogether alongside chemical contraceptives. Among such, itís the prime in efficacy rating the pill, which is employed, isolated as well.

Contraceptive pills only appeared in 1955-commercialized in 1960. The scientific principle of the Pill is so simples that most doctors got amazed that it took so long. At the beginning of 20th century, had the physiologists already known that a certain yellow-like tissue, built in the ovaries when the ovule is released, would inhibit temporarily the production of other ovules.

The pill acts out exactly like that- hinders ovulation, which is the periodic maturation of an ovule, of the multitude embedded in the ovaries since the womanís birth. Regardless of the method to be employed, the important is to know how it works in order to obtain the most in efficacy. Thus undesired pregnancy, mainly among the youth, itís a problem that can be avoided via contraceptive methods.

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