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Sex and Sin

Sex and Sin

An issue deemed controversial by the western Christian society is the biased sexuality. Hence the sex act which ought to encompass one of the most enthralling if not enlightening humanly assets quite often ends up by turning into a burdensome, self-degrading even so “ lewd”. act as it were. Since when should always be this way?

Back in the heydays of adolescence already get us confronted by forthcoming dilemmas, it’s when someone wants relatives kept in good terms despite his conflicting sexuality streaks by a “grownup’” standpoint( i.e. the society itself). The outcome, the teen begins to perceive himself as a “ perverted” so much for insecure and overburden.

In the midst of those peoples likely freed from this sort of concern, are found the Polynesians, inhabitants of the Samoan Island, Hawaii, Tahiti, and Low Archipelago, in the Pacific Ocean.

In these islands, endeavor bias towards sex affairs means essentially appreciative. The natives tend to read sex as it really is, as a means of indulging into erotic adventures, without neither physical nor mental holding back. Their children relish on sexual freedom as pleased , leniency as such promoted by the relatives themselves. As opposed to what takes place in the western world, there’s nothing hidden away from the children, eve sleeping close by the genitors (whose sex affairs are witnessed as usual). And so does masturbation is considered natural anyhow, and because of that endorsed equally by genitors.

Thus initiation gets underway as early as puberty upon reaching threshold, so as to enable themselves to enjoy sex thoroughly. This rite of passage is undergone by seasoned boys and girls alike, an uncle or auntie, or any other next of kin from parenthood. it’s interesting that, despite so much sexual freedom, not many children are born. After marriage, it’s used to carry on acting in the same way altogether and in relation to the kids.

Being highly experienced in sexual techniques and incapable of feeling any shame or guilt-like feeling with regard to the sex act.

All of which rebound from the positive outlook kept by the Polynesians in regard to sexuality. By contrast to the positive stance of the Polynesians towards sex, is the one from the western Christian society , repression, shame, frustration and guilt doom.

The fact explains itself mainly by the endeavor perceived in the religious moral. Christ had very few remarks if none about sex or sexual behavior.

The former priests from the church were those who set up the basic rules followed suit by the adepts, kept under management of the missionary Saint Paul. Since early stage he who staunchly placed himself in the seek of “truly Good”. none the less, Paul wasn’t any undefeatable misogynist .

Overstated did he not, as so did Buda, that is impossible to lead a life of renounces when married. He did go on to say only that would be easier to become a truly missionary from Christ for those whom dedicated full time to the task. In other words, given little or any attention to sex.

When ilk are used to openly acceptance of sex as pleasant wise and at the same time as undeniable contingency, fewer are the odds for any pertaining aspect of their sexual behavior could induce fostered feelings of guilt or shame.

Those children who at early stage would receive common knowledge passed on the endeavor when it comes to sexual intercourse, yet stand lesser chance of suffering from both physical and psychological shortfalls of so many couples as of our society.

Jonatas Dornelles

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