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Sex and Testosterone

The male sexual hormone called testosterone otherwise known as the truly sexual aphrodisiac works in the male body by wielding great sexual desire.

Having its code encrypted in well before birth as the fetus gets underway is what provides the determining factor regarded as sex-gender. So if this so-called sexual hormone plays key part already in the intra-uterine life, do your best to get a sense as to how significant and complex its influence maybe for us humans concerning the male sex afterthought, essentially.

How so it concerns men mostly? Is that a fact? Isn’t it typically male sexual hormone? The best ever reply for all of it means yes; testosterone stands for the male sexual hormone. That said there’s in women the administration of testosterone based treatment on certain occasions, as of cancer. By contrast likely to induce increasingly sexual desire much as overall masculinization in that deepened voice pitch and facial hair as side-effects. 

Moreover, within 5 up to 7 mg of pure testosterone gets produced on a daily basis almost entirely in the testicles besides actuating upon the Sertoli’s cell for the sperm production.

In addition, the side-effects of testosterone are non-applicable in infancy, as opposed to when puberty draws near, and its concentration begins to build up hence forth alterations in both the physical and the emotional fields begin to arise.

As such for instance, the deepening of voice pitch, bone enlargement, muscular strength, sperm production, genital growth, body hair and some not so-pleasant as acne from increase in skin moist.

On the emotional field, what outstands is that typical male “aggressiveness”, typical male-orientated, in that obviously the likelihood to tamper both the libido and the sexual desire.

Thus testosterone follows a man down his entire lifetime, as its upkeep helps maintain lean mass and bone tissue, therefore striking upon the libido, which supposedly boast his interest in sex. Inasmuch contributes to good sexual health and the maintenance of a good sense of humor.

Although quite usual in men of forty’s and thereabouts the ever so gradually decrease in their natural testosterone production. It’s as though there were a fall of 1% per year.  Such decline felt in the man nevertheless, when followed alongside a certain degree of distress, as lost of sexual desire, insomnia, weakness, moody, and even impotency. In which point might be mistaken by the normal state of the ageing process regarded as Andropause or climacteric, some would argue.

On a more serious note, higher level means lower levels of low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) thus increase in the level of High-density-lipoprotein (HDL).

In a nut shell, all that was used to say about testosterone being responsible for the “aggressive” behavior of men has already been put to test. Some researchers have been coming to the conclusion that the low level of testosterone is what would responsible by both bad mood and irritability.

When referring to testosterone as imparting direct relation with aggressiveness, it’s merely employed in order to sort out the women’s rather serene, subdue and delicate antics, in the way of undertaking daily tasks.

Adriana Sommer da Costa

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