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How many times, after a certain age possibly past the 40ís or 50ís, we find ourselves thinking about things that we did in the past. Such nostalgia means stronger for some than others and all depends basically on the intensity of the past moments remembrance.

In recollecting certain facts, we would perhaps be able to gather the sense that something could be changed, or else follow exactly the same way as if it would be likely to strike once again.

When thinking and recalling our past sexual life, we are bringing comparisons up to the surface of the now and then. Most probably came to the conclusion that had evolved over and became rather experienced, while not so much others. Our life is such an endless apprentice and there are things that only in due time would promote an all round understanding.

With regard to sex, as youngster, teenage still, the perception of sexuality usually means different regarding maturity. Male studs, by the way, are quite hasty and usually view the sexual relation as something that needs doing several times. In short, prime for quantity in detriment of quality in relation.

We could try and explain this fact, from the biological standpoint, as the necessity to copulate, while young, as much as he can and with as many females as possible in the sense of perpetuating the species and leaving inheritance.†

Absolutely this explanation in humans would be something at instinctive level and unconscious, nevertheless itís what occurs in the remaining of the animal kingdom. As time goes by, we earthlings in our majority begin to become more demanding in everything, including the so-called sexual relation. At this point in life, gone past several experiences, some good and others not so much, we begin to impose certain conditions so that sex could turn out at the same time pleasurable and with something else.

When a young adult, whether female or male, has someone elder as in 20 and 45 as a partner apprentice is likely to occur in terms of sexual mechanics a lot faster and maybe with higher effectiveness, once that well seasoned individual will surely teach the younger-one the secrets and intricacies in the art of sex. The usual youngstersí streak of anxiety that look forward to sexual guidance from field professionals, gets explained by the immaturity likewise people as of sex.††

Generally, are couples that report complaint of any given sexual dysfunction, being the most popular pain in sexual intercourse and absence of orgasm from the womenís part. Matters per se got to do with the virtue of inexperience by both partners rather than any real dysfunction as such.† Every time that I receive these youngsters, try my best to guide them so that they can enjoy the relation not in a haste and with the maximum in privacy, which seem to me as two essential conditions for the optimal sexual practice.

The rest is a constant apprentice through frank conversations and openness so that enables each one to donate oneself to the very edge of things for the otherís sake. Customarily I say that a day is as good as any to master something new and with sex is no different. It only takes open minded for novelty acknowledgement and be up to forever learning.

Darci L. D. Janarelli

NaturalSucceed in Sri Lanka

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