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Sex Articles -> Sex Deviations

Sex Deviations

The individual in for sexual behavior “deviations” never relishes from a “normal” sexual relation. The society judges that, if the individual prefers or bears special erotic necessities, there might be something wrong. Then when a person by any given reason, is unable to enjoy the so-called “normal” sexual intercourse, how should we confront this situation?

Recently, the study of the nature and the motivation for “deviances” received great thrusting. Never the less, lots remain yet to be studied. What in heaven or on earth would prompt someone to become fetishist or transvestite? Evidently there are many factors that would lead a man or woman to adopt an unusual sexual attitude. Broadly speaking, the children of our culture suffer sentiments of guilt regarding sexuality under its growth-process. Due to the strong cultural-taboo of incest, this brewing sexuality needs to be channeled outside the family, ending up by becoming one of the signs of the son’s crescent independence. By the way, most of the cases of sexual “deviants” recorded are of men. Thus, the female sexual anxiety many times manifests itself through frigidity that is socially rather subdued exteriorization.

Besides, it doesn’t claim much fuss the fact that two women walk along embraced each other. The same goes with the way of dressing up, she is more than welcome in butch clothing and no one would judge her as a homosexual. However, we are capable of viewing the so-called sexual “deviations” not as diseases, but yes as peculiar behavior.

Fear, irony, or the false moralize of so many out there in face of sudden erotic urges are most of the time byproduct of ignorance. Trivial sexual antics and innocent, as masturbation, are today still erroneously considered perpetrators of mental disturbances and conduct misbehave. Most of the so called-perversions take place in fantasies and dreams of “normal” people. Female hair and the woman’s underwear are erotic stimuli for the vast majority of men. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they suffer from sexual deviation. Hence, it would be necessary that these stimuli would be the main or only source of desire.

Modern society establishes that normal sexual life for the individual comes based on the everlasting relationship sense and with an adult of the opposite sex. Therefore, the problem with the “deviant” doesn’t lie so much within the sexual disorder but though in the necessity of coming to adapt to surroundings likely to condemn him. He is unable to establish a sociably acceptable relationship and considered normal. Consequently, finds himself liable to a life of solitude and sentiments of regret and guilt.
Sexual “disorders” are, most often, results of traumas in the social trajectory of an individual.

Fate-twists in the familial rapport or traumatic experience may well disrupt the emotional evolution of the youth. As a result, he will display inadequate reactions for his age, especially concerning attitudes and sentiments related to sex. Excluding the rapists and the pedophiles, the rest of erotic impulses themselves do not represent a menace to society. Generally these impulses also don’t represent any harm to the individual.

It’s obvious that the problem appears when life in general-holding accountable social rapport, work, study, family, etc, begins to get affected. But in this case, the culprit is not the impulse in specific. Any other behavior (cleansing-mania for instance), when becomes compulsive, also disturbs the individual’s lifestyle.

Jonatas Dornelles

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