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Sex Dictionary -> Sex Dictionary J-S

Further to sexual slang, some antics might appear familiar, whereas others not so much, according to users.

Joy of sex, released in the seventies, this book became the loversí guidance in intimate broadening and experimentation to a whole generation. Recommended for all lovers getting into sex or catching up with it and whoíd love to spice it up.

Kama Sutra, all time famous treatises on sexuality by the sage Vatsyanna. Despite the sexual plethora of its content, this book emphasizes art and all things human, sex inclusive.

Anal Lube, the name speaks for itself. Some might cause some burning sensation, sting, which might not be for everyone.

Missionary position, known otherwise as olí dadís, stands for the most widespread and traditionalist of all sexual practices.

Nymphomania, itís said that she who bears hyperactive sexual drive is a nymphomaniac. Would be bound to crave and thread sexual fantasies to the next level up. Thus utterly compulsive sexual behave, inadequate control over its impulses, likely to cause sufferance. Engages in sex sprees despite the risk of putting to waste her loving affairs or own health. The recommendable is immediate treatment (by drug administration under medical supervision) and the attendance to support groups.

Oral sex stands for the genitals stimulation by the mouth in foreplay or plain intercourse.

Piercing, placed anywhere for the sake of sexuality enhancement purposes. Accordingly to facts certain spots might enhance sexual pleasure even further. Although, personally held the odds against infections, flare and contracting STDs might slag off any sexual praise in it.

Quickie, how about it? Anywhere you like it. We all know our onions.

Rude food, some say it started in England. How would you fancy the other half covered in food? Would you like to give it a go? Fetishes run wildÖ

SM bondage, the pleasure of undermining, humiliating, dominating, pain inflicted. Who doesnít like to dominate and get subjected to domination, meantime, feeling and inflicting pain? Roles might or not be swapped. Itís important to being tuned up and get into the game.

Anything goes but I for one canít stand rude food or SM either, as a matter of personal taste. After all, each one knows what works out best for themselves, donít they?

Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli

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