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Two distinctive factors lie in the quest for self-indulgence, one is theory, and another is hands on practice. When one of them falls in disarray or the couple is off balance, can become detrimental to their sexual enjoyment.

Our low-down on sexual antics is now nearly finished.

Tantra means physical and spiritual acknowledgement, a sort of lifestyle channelled on gaining self-knowledge, by working on whom you’re, self-enabled to overcome resilient flaws. Orgasm furthering and prolonging through its techniques maybe made possible. Thus heighten sexual rapport and intimacy, detachment from sexual inculcation, grudges and hang-ups. Whoever done that would endorse it.

Urophilia, a patient reported having urinated upon climax the other day. So far so good if it were isolated event. However it’s interesting that both seemed to enjoy the sensation provided by the event. And so they will get started to give it a try every now and then. Practice considered unconventional, found enlisted under paraphylia inclusive. Never mind as we all have preferences.

Voyeurism, deriving pleasure in the gaze thus admired someone else’s sexual performance staged live and nowadays on the web. While some might enjoy being watched others would rather take a peep through mirrors, on top of tape recording it.

Woman on top, she straddles remains within preference of the women provided their quotes about gaining leverage in climax reaching. And so do men.

Xenophile denotes itself by the great interest into the unknown, surreal and outlandish. It could be described as casual sex as far as sex goes, off the streets, with unknown people. To my mind means quite risky a practice in all its senses, since the risk factor of contracting STDs should never go overlooked.

Zoophilia, aka bestiality, stands for the attraction towards animals sexually speaking. I saw a report once, on a TV channel, whereby the host remarkably “the beasts bear no prude, don’t thread critics, “don’t want and won’t ask anything back in exchange”.

Well, this leads us to the end of our sexual low-down. Bear with me that apart from the aforementioned there would be many other sexual practices. I don’t intend to establish which or what should be carried out in sex life, other than supplying with options on what might spice up and deepen a relation. If asked whether I’d agree with “anything goes within walls”, I would reply that within walls goes by all that a couple would be capable of doing in terms of sex, so, then if they get to experiment new techniques by the willingness and contrive of both, then would the couple be really in harmony within the plenitude of their relationship.

Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli

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