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Sex Lubricant

Sex resembles wetness, in one of its most pleasant ways. However, sometimes we need to give a little extra help to our bodies thus bring into play some sex lubricant as such in order to make sex more enjoyable. Having sex without proper lubrication might turn difficult and uncomfortable, particularly for women, and in some cases, even painful. A good sex lubricant can make all the difference, yet itís necessary to know that there are different types of sex lubricant and each one is designed for a specific use.

The most common type of sex lubricant and undoubtedly the most recommended is the water based sex lubricant. Since itís water-based, cases of irritation are very rare, and it may be used along with any given type of birth control method with no risky damage. The biggest and maybe only disadvantage is that water-based lubricants come off too easily during intercourse.

If you choose an oil-based sex lubricant on the contrary, you have to take extra care since it destroys latex, so cannot be used along with condoms or diaphragms. Yet oil-based stain fabrics easily, though not really recommended.

Petroleum based sex lubricants destroy condoms as highly consistent, standing for the most appropriate for anal play. For vaginal intercourse however, they are not recommended since itís common to cause irritations.

As each sex lubricant has its special features and particularities, itís essential to choosing well in advance prior sex play, to keep accidents at bay. Whenever in doubt water-based sex lubricant are of preference, since itís the most adaptable to all likely situations in bed, thus do not stain fabrics and most important of it all, they can be used along with any given type of condom without further problems.

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