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Sex Myths -> Sex Myths I

For ages some school of thought has prayed on men as bigger cheaters than women. Even today it resembles much en vogue although slowly but surely loosing ground. Both men and women cheat much in the same proportion, what would change are the methods employed by each one. A man could cheat just to kick in some casual sex out of his steady pace back at digs, as for the woman, usually finds herself far too taken by the other while cheating.

Betrayal is by no means positive. Shatters with relationships, leaves scars on who does it and the one who gets it so, when its the woman’s turn, those nearby would seemingly baffled with what took place as opposed to when men do it.

The women cheat on their other halves by various reasons, however usually are those on emotional and affective grounds that would leave the women most incline to seeking another partner, namely lack of attention, reassurance, prime time sex by partner sided.

However hard it seems, the women could seek someone else just for the sake of pocketing some fling as novelty, even more so because of this cult of freedom that’s been going on about nowadays.

Whenever betrayal from the woman’s part exists, it would be highly unlikely that this rapport could last much longer, even if her partner never gets to find out anything about it. This so because the woman wouldn’t go out of her way any further carry on with something already done over and yet there might not be any strings attached with the other.

The men whenever at it, most often than not look out for casual sex. It might as well happen that emotional strings getting attached with the other woman, however far from turning into anything likely that steady relationship his on.

Hardly ever men would walk out on their missus just for some other rag. What usually happens is that the cheated one gets to find out about “the other” and walks off.

When the woman cheats, she usually wouldn’t feel guilty about it since she got so far and can only do so much for that partner she cheated on. The bottom line is worn out relationship. Given that the men tend to read a lot into their “sneaking out” then if their women ever find out, they usually beg for forgiveness on grounds of ever doing it again. At the same time, the women forgive more easily any backstabbing done by their male counterparts than any men would ever, incidentally these men, tend to grow highly suspicious of any move of their women after doing so.

Much as elsewhere, both men and women are so alike and at the same time so unlikely. Both are capable of doing pretty much the same, despite perceiving their deeds otherwise. This is what sorts out the female treason from a male one, each gender’s motto and their way of approaching on a given event.

In terms of betrayal, there’s no such notion that the women don’t rely on it any longer. By all means they do in the same intensity rate that ordinary men would. Far from meaning that every single men or women is up to no good, much less instilling something that only naughty women would get down to recklessly. Everybody is prone to cheating, what changes are the reasons behind each one’s moves.

Anne Griza

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