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Sex Myths -> Sex Myths III

Beauty Means Good Sex

Most of us ordinary people tend to believe in sexuality, as the sexual-linked pleasure strictly connected to beauty. Beautiful women would be considered more sensual, and so do those of well-chiseled physiques would beĒ better in bedĒ than those whose body shape seem less so. Thatís not true. Prime time sex has got more to do with sexuality, reassurance, passion, self-esteem, other than beauty itself.

Beauty is pleasant for the eyes, instead of pleasurable. If someone, despite lagging behind physical attributions, seems capable of becoming horny, by giving and taking pleasure, infers in very good sex time.

The state of higher spirits is what could render sex delightful for both of them. What matters most is confidence there and then whilst seducing, the adrenaline rush, knowingly play along sensually and eventually geared up into action.

All of those into moved by the looks means the world, stand a great chance of missing most of what sex could offer while minding what the other might come to think of pinpointed pinches and zits or likewise flaw perhaps.

Most often, goes barely noticed by the other, who in turn finds himself embroiled into sex games other than elsewhere. What comes to show that beauty means no blue print is the fact that hundreds of men and women with the looks to die for seemingly unable to string up any steady relationship or even a good night-stand of all out sex.And just as many out there whose looks not so-terrible managed to get a fling every now and then. The name of the game is sexiness, as caring for yourself would claim the otherís attention, this so because nobody seems to like those who dislike themselves. In the best of it, those who love themselves seem quite straightforward. No such a thing as fads itís all a matter of feeling, each one flaunts wealth whichever way would suit themselves best. So, thereís anything most beautiful than someone who takes cares of oneself, regardless of any given handicap. Obviously loving oneself imbued coming to grips with self-acceptance. And so people arenít just the same, but bound to bore discrepant flaws and knacks, whether physically or psychologically.

Even those catwalk models have disclosed of some annoying spot on their physical attributes. To keep yourself in good terms does not mean having to neglect the existence of a given disability; instead itís to recognize it by coming to terms with it from a positive outlook. In that the notion that claimed beauty is aphrodisiac in sex games seemed latched on to the misconceived idea that sex must resemble cinematographic. In the movies and magazines thereís always depicted women and men flashing their well-sculptured figures indulged into sex playing at will.

Those into sex-flicks would really thrive on it, for the sake of role-playing, which is meant to play upon their imaginary. Nonetheless, back in real life, the willing and dealing is what tease every oneís willingness.

It too could not be loving alone, but also sexual attraction, mustered-so admiration, and longing desires. Thereís anything worst than having sex with someone who spent most of the time worrying about some flaw, or trying to hid underneath the sheets or dimly lit, as opposed to focus on the trade off that could be caught up with the other.

Anne Griza

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