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All About Orgasms -> Women Orgasms

The women are bound to change when sexually aroused. Each one tends to react differently. Some would grow outspoken others may turn standoffish. Emotion outbursts come under all sorts of guises, all of which linked to psychological and cultural background. 
Although in physiological terms, changes tend to be more subdue.  What about inside the female body prior and during orgasm.
Meantime in the threshold of sexual arousal, the vaginal vault grows enlarged. In the absence of input the vaginal walls would be kept tight together.
Otherwise, when aroused, the vagina turns into a real moisten duct, enabled to withstand a shovelled up hardon penis quite easily. If, by any chance, the woman happens to be switched off, her vagina could remain dry and even tighten. In which point could render penetration uncomfortable, or even painful.
The uterus starts to retrieve slightly. The small lips achieve stronger pigmentation, become thicker and stretch outwards. The big lips get flatten and sprawl lengthwise, shifting from the inner line.
By the breasts, one of the primary signs for heighten sexual drive is the propped up nipples. Meanwhile, the breasts themselves bulk up and their vascularization pops out. In this stage, breathing does not get disrupted, although the heart rate and blood pressure get raised in accordance to the degree of sexual tension reached.
The phase named “plateau” stands for the state of deep arousal, which precedes climax. Bodily reactions within this stage also spring from, in most part, pumped up bloodstream. An alteration to single out is the built up of sexual tension. It’s an area of vasoconstriction covering in and around the vagina entrance.
Upon heightening in sexual arousal, the small lips grow even thicker and acquire lush pigmentation, which ranges from crimson to dark red. The uterus finishes its upward dislodgement. The vaginal vault reaches maximum engorgement.  Shortly prior orgasm, the clitoris retracts and gets concealed under a membrane called “clitoral hood”.
Muscular strain increases, voluntarily or involuntarily, partially in the face, abs and torso. Breathing becomes faster and louder. The heart rate ranges from 110 up to 180 beats per minute
The plateau could be perceived as the stage in which the female system stores up both physical and psychic energies, under constant sexual tension, until ready to channel up all its powers on to orgasm reaching. 

Jonatas Dornelles

Sexual Climax and Male Multiple Orgasms Multiple Orgasms Women Orgasms
Clitoral vs Vaginal Orgasm I Clitoral vs Vaginal Orgasm II Myths about Orgasms
Clitoris's Secrets   

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