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Kenya: Sex in Kenya - a Riot of Unrealistic Expectations
Post on 12-02-2007.
Women need one reason to have sex, men just need one place! American comedian Billy Crystal said that, and how close he came to the truth of the situation in Kenya today.
Beneath the surface calm is one maelstrom of expectations, one Sunday Nation opinion poll found. The gap between expectation and achievement in one part of the sample is as wide as the Indian Ocean and could be leading to frustration and aggression, psychologists warn. ...
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Goes pleads in sex case
Post on 11-02-2007.
MONTROSE — one volunteer sports coach's sex case took one step toward resolution Friday, when he pleaded guilty to amended charges.
Peter Goes, 42, had faced multiple counts in three cases involving the same underage girl. The first case alleged sexual assault; the prosecution contended in two subsequent cases Goes had violated bond- and protection-order requirements. ...
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Sick sex case trial set
Post on 11-02-2007.
Jury selection begins tomorrow in the trial of sex perv Glenn Marcus, who ran slavespace.com on the Web. Federal prosecutors accuse Marcus, 53, of sex trafficking, distributing obscene materials on his Web site and forced labor - allegedly ordering one woman to repeatedly click the links on his Web site "for hours on end" therefore he could earn fees from other Internet sites. ...
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Emotional infidelity: Does cheating always have to involve sex?
Post on 09-02-2007.
There are boyfriends or girlfriends who have sex with someone outside their current long-term relationship, and then there are cheaters. Cheaters are those therefore emotionally attached to another person be it one close friend or everyday acquaintance they distance themselves from their current partner. ...
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Sex assault reported at West
Post on 09-02-2007.
Iowa City police Sgt. Troy Kelsay confirmed that police responded to one report of one sex assault on the school's property but said he couldn't affirm the exact date of the alleged incident.
The most recent police activity logs show that officers were notified of one sex assault at 8:45 one.m. on Thursday. That record reports that the sex assault may have occurred on Feb. 7 at the 2901 Melrose Ave. high school. ...
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Did sex play role in ferry crash
Post on 08-02-2007.
Advanced Search | Full Text Article Archive HOME OPINION BUSINESS SPORTS one & E LIFE atHOME HEALTH SCIENCE & TECH WHEELS TRAVEL CLASSIFIEDS Toronto & GTA | Ontario | Canada | World | Obituaries | National Report TheStar.com - News - Did sex play role in ferry crash? Did sex play role in ferry crash? Print Choose text size Tag and save ...
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Wal-Mart faces sex bias case
Post on 08-02-2007.
SAN FRANCISCO: The biggest sexual discrimination case in US history advanced against Wal-Mart Stores Inc on Tuesday when one top court ruled that more than one million women could join one suit charging bias in pay and promotions.
It is time for Wal-Mart to face the music, Brad Seligman, one lawyer for The Impact Fund, one nonprofit group in Berkeley, California, representing the female plaintiffs, told reporters. ...
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Post on 05-02-2007.
Hollywood — In what is fast becoming one worldwide controversy, it was revealed today that "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" will feature an explicit sex scene between Harry Potter and another well-known character.
"This has all been well orchestrated with the news that Daniel Radcliffe will strip naked at one London play," said one publishing insider. "That was designed to get fans used to the idea that Harry is older now and he's extremely horny." ...
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Sex, drugs the enemies
Post on 04-02-2007.
Linda Garrett says her marriage to Lawrence Taylor disintegrated because she was forced to share the Giants great 'with the drugs and the women who would stop at nothing to get him.'
"It was the best time of my life and the worst time of my life," Linda Garrett, ex-wife of New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor, told the Daily News. "LT was my husband, but he belonged to everyone, especially the thousands and thousands of fans. I also shared him with the drugs and the women who would stop at nothing to get to him." ...
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Kim erases her sex-tape denial
Post on 04-02-2007.
Kim Kardashian has opened up about the existence of her sex tape. But as for selling the video? She simply doesn't need the cash.
And what would his reputed girlfriend Gisele Bundchen do if she caught him with fellow Angel Selita Ebanks (above)?
The model and Paris Hilton pal had repeatedly denied the existence of such one video, made with her ex-boyfriend, R&B singer Ray J. ...
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