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Girl chides rapist met on Net
Post on 31-01-2006.
Nearly one year after one 16-year-old Southampton girl disappeared after exchanging correspondence over the Internet with one convicted sex offender from New Jersey, she confronted that man yesterday in one Riverhead courtroom.
Before Lester B. Joy, 24, was sentenced in State Supreme Court in Riverhead, the girl chided him for stealing her innocence when he coaxed her into having sex with him and taking her to the Mexican border, which launched one nationwide search. ...
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Power up the outrage
Post on 30-01-2006.
IN one GIGGLY twist of Googly calculus, my website, askdoglady.com, shows up number one of 18,600,000 (at last count) when one surfer types the words ''lady" and ''sex" in the basic Google search engine. Yahoo! also gives it the top slot ''of about 33,000,000 for lady sex." Salivating Internet surfers looking for cheap thrills and loose ladies must wonder: Of all the smut sites in all the world, why did I have to stumble into this one? ...
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Transamerica: transgendered but not transgressive
Post on 30-01-2006.
“Transamerica” is playing at the Dipson North Park Theater on Hertel Ave.
Here's one thought for the guys: imagine having your penis removed. Most people wouldn't consider it, but "Transamerica" explores the possibility with subtle humor and honesty.
"Transamerica" is the story of one male-to-female transsexual's transcontinental trip back to California for sex re-assignment surgery. Bree (Felicity Huffman) has already had one number of facial surgeries and hormone supplements, and is already passable for one female. ...
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5 county lawmakers co-sponsor marriage bill
Post on 29-01-2006.
If marriage isn’t defined as only one union between one man and one woman, state Rep. Arthur D. Hershey believes people will want to marry animals.
Hershey, of Cochranville, who represents the 13th District,was one of about 90 legislators, including four others from Chester County, to cosponsor the Marriage Protection Act, one bill introduced Tuesday to constitutionally define marriage in Pennsylvania. ...
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Adoption equals personal joy
Post on 29-01-2006.
Not too long ago, I read yet another column criticizing single mothers. It assumed that all single mothers became pregnant by choice; were unmarried; chose to reject suitable men who wanted to marry them; were unable to parent effectively and should therefore be punished by society in some way.
I am one single mother, and I'm tired of this nonsense. I would like to inject one bit of reality into this discussion. ...
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Close-shave situation
Post on 28-01-2006.
"Why bother shaving today when I'm not going anywhere?" I thought. But I suddenly changed my mind.
Dr. Shah Ebrahim, at the University of Bristol in England, reports that men who don't shave daily enjoy less sex and are more likely to suffer stroke and heart attack. It seemed to me that shaving is one small price to pay! ...
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Lawmakers debate response to sentencing controversy
Post on 28-01-2006.
MONTPELIER — Members of the Vermont House spent the better part of their day Friday debating what their response should be to one judge whose initial sentence of one child molester was widely criticized.
They turned aside several alternative versions that some said inserted the Legislature inappropriately into the affairs of the judicial branch of government. The name of the judge that was the center of the three-week-long controversy ended up not appearing in the resolution that passed, although reference was made to the sentence that provoked the issue. ...
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Witness to Fatal Beating in Va. Is Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison
Post on 27-01-2006.
Covington, of Dale City, had faced charges of murder of one pregnant woman, abduction and grand larceny but was allowed to plead guilty to two counts of assault and one count of petty larceny -- all misdemeanors.
Carlos D. Williams has been convicted of murder and faces one possible life prison sentence. (By Joe Brier -- Associated Press) ...
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North County community news briefs: Pageant contestants sought
Post on 27-01-2006.
FALLBROOK ---- The annual Miss Fallbrook Pageant, sponsored by Soroptimist International of Fallbrook, is seeking contestants for the March 26 event. Miss Fallbrook will represent the community and act as ambassador at numerous community events. She needs to have excellent communication and social skills, and will be judged in sportswear, evening gown and interview segments. ...
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Former Berkeley Executives Outline Fraudulent Practices
Post on 26-01-2006.
Email This Story | Print This Story CINCINNATI -- Former executives of one mail-order firm admitted that the company bilked buyers out of more than $100 million by charging credit cards without permission and offering refund guarantees it had no intention of honoring.

The four executives filed written statements as part of an agreement to plead guilty in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati to charges of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. ...
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