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Sex-lure killer sentenced to 30 years
Q: Can a pregnant woman’s body shape indicate the sex of the baby
A year full of school sex raps
Sex Suspect Faces New Charges
Sex-abuse lawsuit against Scranton diocese settled
Young couple's sex life none of parents' business
Sex assault suspect could face 25 years
Sex pest attacks cyclist
Child sex offender details posted on Most Wanted CEOP website
Man endures terrifying sex attack
Police say decades-old sex assault case solved
Sex with drunk women equal to rape
Sex Ends as Seasons Shift and Kisspeptin Levels Plummet
English teacher faces sex charges
E. Bruns. teacher held in sex assault
Spy Agency Tangled in Sex Scandal
Rights tribunal to hear sex-discrimination case
2 former guards deny sex counts
2 ex-guards deny sex counts
Cyberspace sex scandal heads toward trial
Trial looming in sex blog scandal involving former DeWine aides
ACLU keeping watch on sex offender law
ACLU watching sex offender law
Sex attack on walker
*Cheating with same sex
Sex, booze and oh, Merry Christmas
Sex offender allegedly plots kidnap-for-pardon schemes
Baby sitter to serve a year for sex crime
Judge overturns sex offender ban
New tips in teacher sex case
Assistant band director jailed on sex charge
Bust in York U. sex attack
Hunt after sex attacker strikes twice
Ex-officer faces sex charges
15,000 Kenyan girls in sex tourism
American teacher ordered deported from Canada for sex charge
Sex offender law veto upheld
Vigil for slain sex-trade workers
'Boom' is going out of boomers' sex lives
Suburban sex depot
Two are charged with sex abuse
Sex abuse charge against former Norwich pastor unbelievable
Ex-elder can't control sex urges
Webcam sex case adds victims, charges
Mountie sex case to be appealed
Two men charged after sex assault
No more sex parties in borough
Hardy: 'Single-sex classes worth looking into'
Promoting free sex a bad idea
Creekmore pushing for tougher sex offender laws
Majority of sex offenses in first or third degree
Bayer organizes symposium on marital sex
Ex-cop guilty in teen's sex assault
Sex offender questions additional restrictions
Same-sex marriage a 'non-issue'
Same-sex debate will haunt us again
PM remains silent on same-sex unions
Tories to introduce same-sex marriage motion
MySpace to build sex offender database
Same-sex vote seems designed to fail
Groundbreaking Ruling Upheld in Same-Sex Custody Case
Selling Sex a Deadly Game in NJ City
Muslim Woman Gives Sex Advice on Arab TV
Calif. to revisit same-sex marriage bill
Intimacy, not technique, is key to happy sex life
Too many still missing message of protected sex
Resort shamed by rise of sex attack on girls
Sex offender residency ban vetoed by Stevens
Fugitive sex offender list includes Springfield man
Classes could be single sex
Close-Up: Live issue - Media planning swaps sex factor for thex
Same-sex unions from Friday?
Danbury sex offender ordinance advances
Elton slams PM over same-sex marriages
Revolutionary hour-before-sex male pill on the anvil
Border move over sex offenders
Judges reject Pataki's sex offender plan
Sex, degree rows hit UKZN
Mother-of-three charged with having sex with four schoolboys
British minister plays doting grandpa to sex workers' children
Teacher-student sex a gross violation of trust
China jails fake sex pill kingpin
Young Boys Are Victims Of Anal Sex — Research Finding
Man Charged With Using 12-Year-Old as Sex Slave for 4 Years
New sex-offender bills for Suffolk
State wrongly held sex offenders, court finds
South Africa's parliament passes same-sex marriage bill
Never mind glass, grit, Tacoma’s good for sex
Australian ex-pat teacher faces sex charges
Senate returns to work on same-sex benefits
Proposed changes to penal code affects sex-tourism in Batam
Morris Catholics respond to church view on sex, gays
TOPIC OF THE DAY Same-sex marriage
years for teacher in sex case
Lawmaker: Sex offender limits don't work Judiciary Chairman John
Posters of Same-Sex Couples Rejected by Major US Ad Company
Lockyer moves to toss Proposition 83 sex offender lawsuit
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